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Writing for the LonMark International Magazine

The LonMark Magazine is the official magazine of LonMark International published bi-annually. It is the only English-language trade magazine on open systems, written specifically for professionals interested in open, interoperable multi-vendor solutions. Each issue provides coverage on designing, specifying, installing and using open, interoperable solutions using the ISO/IEC 14908-1 related standards. technology and trends relevant to system integration of all sizes, along with in-depth application stories on building controls and automation, home, industry, telecommunications, streetlighting, utilities, transportation, etc.

LonMark International Magazine readers are members and non-members of LonMark International in a variety of industries such as building controls and automation, home control, industrial automation, telecommunications, streetlighting, utilities, transportation, and more. They are specifiers and planners, architects, developers, systems and network integrators, researchers, investors and end-users. And they all share a common interest in open, interoperable solutions throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.

Read this first before you get it down on paper ...

1. Submitting an article

All articles in the LonMark magazine consist of the following elements which simplify reading and help convey the information in a constructive manner.

  • Heading (significant, short and concise)

  • Lead text (introduces the article with essential information: 5 Ws and 1 H).
    An interesting lead text will draw your audience into reading your article.

  • Subheadings (subdivides the text with brief and concise titles, making the absorption of information smoother) are essential for all feature articles.

  • Keep your article to the set length mentioned above. Remember ... brevity is the soul of wit!

  • Make your conclusion as memorable as your lead. Instead of merely summarizing, try to surpass the limits of the article.

  • Do not include footnotes, but rather credits sources directly in the article.

2. Incorporating images and graphics

A picture is worth 1000 words. Illustrate your text with images to make it interesting and informative. All artwork must be either jpeg. or tif. images with a minimum resolution of 300dpi. We strongly encourage you to include captions with all images identifying the source.

Do not send articles with embedded images. The images must be submitted separately in individual files.

3. Technical Specifications

Unusual file formats, poor quality illustrations, etc. may lead to your article being bypassed for publication. We encourage you to follow the following rules:

Please send us your manuscript as Microsoft Word document. The manuscript should be left-justified and free from formatting. Do not embed images into the text! Images must be submitted in separate files.

Images must be saved as either jpeg or tif. File formats in at least 300dpi. Low resolution images will not be accepted!

4. Deadlines

The editorial deadlines must be absolutely respected. Article submissions received after the published deadline will not be printed in the upcoming issue.

Article Guidelines

Here you can download the article guidelines as pdf

The following guidelines are designed to help authors understand the article submission process for feature articles, application stories, and product news.

Feature Articles
Each Issue contains a special or prominent article that focuses on a particular topic of interest to readers. We seek articles that will appeal to a large, international audience. The article should be an original work ranging from 1,000 and 2,000 words. It should not promote a product, service or company. Please include a by-line and a brief biography giving the author's full name, title, and organization or company and its location.

Application Stories
LonMark Magazine readers enjoy reading articles describing the implementation of applications that stand-out. Involving multiple vendors or systems or that could be considered unique or unusual. Application stories should be between 600 and 1000 words and be a completed project less than 2-years-old. Preference will be given to installations containing LONMARK-certified, products. The body of the story should contain a background, challenge, solution and product specification details, along with a working title with an active verb. The article should reference the submitting organization or company and its location.

Product and Company News
We encourage LonMark members to submit news on new products or services. This information will reach thousands of potential customers worldwide. Please limit your news items to 200 and 250 words. Please make sure to include company contact information.

Evaluation and Acceptance

All manuscripts are evaluated based on originality of topic, organization, soundness of content, timeliness, and interest to our readers.

We may accept your article outright, accept it for Editorial Board rewrite, or accept it contingent on your revision.

Your writing style is your own, and we will make every attempt to preserve it. But if your article is substantially revised, we may send you the edited version for review.