Maguy de Mercurio
Aachener-und-Münchener-Allee 9,
52074 Aachen
Phone: +49 241 88970 580

LonMark International
Shannon Mayette
550 Meridian Avenue
San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: +1 602 882 4733


In order to place an advert please download and fill out the insertion order form.

You can either email or fax the insertion order to:

Maguy de Mercurio (Europe)
Aachener-und-Münchener-Allee 9,
52074 Aachen
Phone: +49 241 88970 580
Fax: +49 241 88970 999

Technical Specification for Advertisements:

  • Magazine format: American letter format (width 215.9mm x height 279.4 mm)
  • Delivery: CD ROM
  • Software: Photoshop 6.0, Illustrator 10, InDesign 2.0.
    All fonts, pictures, diagrams, logos etc. must be saved on the data carrier.
  • Proofs: For every advertisement which needs to be exposed, please enclose a binding colour printout, or a b/w printout for each colour. Please label the colours on every printout.
    Colour printouts from colour copiers are not colour-binding!
  • PDF files: Please ensure a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

Advertisement Format

Format (with bleed)Size
Full Page
(includes Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover and Back Cover)    
218.7 x 282.2 mm
Middle Page Spread 431.4 x 282.2 mm
1/2 page crosswise 218.7 x 144.0 mm
1/2 page vertical 110.0 x 282.2 mm
1/3 Page crosswise 218.7 x 98.0 mm
1/3 Page vertical 73.0 x 282.2 mm
1/4 page crosswise 218.7 x 75.0 mm

Print space:
Cut advertisements: at least 3mm cutting allowance per cutting edge, elements in danger of being cut off must be placed at least 3mm away from the inside trimming.

Rates for LMI members

Advertising rates for LMI members in the International Edition

4 Color
1/1 page
1,400 USD
1/2 page crosswise
1,100 USD
1/3 page vertical
900 USD
1/3 page crosswise
900 USD
1/4 page crosswise
800 USD
Back cover page
2,800 USD
Inside front cover
2,400 USD
Inside back cover
2,400 USD
Middle page spread
2,400 USD


Reductions: 2  ad placements in one year (10% discount)


Non LMI-Members pay 100% surcharge on pubished rate card